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Need to change your life?


Some people need extra help achieving their goals. That’s why I offer a luxury service where I live with you for 5 days: I cook all your meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner (all under 500 calories) and we work out 3 times a day. Weight is taken and goals are set for the next 8 weeks of where we should be in terms of weight and moving on to different stages. I come back in 8 weeks and stay for 2 nights and we do a very similar pattern with a few twists (I let you make breakfast and check on portion sizes for example) and we aim to move to stage two. 

This area leaves me feeling personally and professionally accomplished. It becomes very personal but ultimately you have to do it yourself and that for me is the hardest thing. I see the struggle and I love that I have been able to be a part of your changes and desires – I didn’t do it, you did, I just helped you see you could!


Private and confidential

Private personal training services and client overview agreement.

Weight loss predictions

Specific date predictions if the program is 100% followed. Start seeing results within the first 4 weeks of the program.

Personal program

Personal training and meal plan according to your goals, your level of activity and your personal needs.


The trainer will not charge extra for any other therapy or specialized advice or classes she is qualified to teach during the program. I am dedicated to make you feel better.

BMI calculation

BMI calculation and health risks associated, daily active lifestyle chart.

Calorie requirements

Calorie requirements in order to maintain your weight, lose 0.5 kg per week, lose 1 kg per week, gain 0.5 kg a week and gain 1kg a week.

ASCM guidelines

Always keeping in mind the ASCM guidelines for a healthy weight loss of 0.5 kg per week if one cuts 500 kcal a day.

Smart goals & fitt principle

Smart (specific, measured, agreed and reasonable goal set within a specific time frame) short, medium and long term goals applying the FITT principle.

Change your life now.

Achieve your goals in no time with your own meal plan and exercise routine.

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