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I have helped footballers’ wives lose weight for events and photoshoots, but one of the proudest moments of my career was helping my husband. For the past ten years he has lost weight and never put any of it back on. He learnt a lot of things from me and we continued to implement these new habits – he also has changed his exercise habits due to my new found knowledge and I have tried them out on him. As he ages, I have learned that the body needs to adapt to these changes.

My most recent case study has a year to change her life –  otherwise she will be on the brink of serious damage and will not be able to do much about that damage. Very interesting.



My training with Melanie was a positive experience. I’ve been a life long, emotional dieter with a reluctance to exercise, a genuine fear of gyms full of fit people.

With Melanie’s positive, sensitive but hard working approach, I actually started to enjoy exercise, we started with just walking and gentle circuit of exercises and her nutrition advice was helpful and practical, by making small changes to my eating habits and introducing healthier options really made a difference. Along with Melanie’s guidance, support and gentle encouragement, I started to feel fitter, lose weight but more importantly felt better mentally.

I would recommend Melanie to help everyone who deserves a fitter, healthier and a happier life.

Sharon crisp

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